The Best Online Poker Site with lots of promos

Together with the gambling site, various bonus offers and attractive promos are easy to get and claim for real. So, you don’t have to bother with just contacting the existing admin.
  1. New member bonus
    Well, here are the various types of bonuses and promos contained in them. Each new member will be given a new member bonus on the initial deposit of 20% with a maximum bonus of up to 2 million rupiah. This bonus can be enjoyed by all the newest members.
  2. Roll bonus
    There is a special rolingan bonus offer for members of 0.7%. And the minimum deposit is only 50 thousand rupiah. As well as for bonus rolls unlimited or there is no maximum limit. The bonus rolls at this best online gambling agent are the biggest compared to others.
  3. Loyality bonus
    This loyalty bonus will be distributed every month. Where this attractive bonus is 1% for winning and 3% for losing games. The minimum bonus income ranges from a minimum of 30 thousand rupiah and a maximum of 3 million rupiah.
  4. One day bonus
    This one day bonus can be obtained by all members. Usually this bonus is 5% with a maximum bonus of 250 thousand rupiah. So, don’t miss this exciting bonus opportunity.
  5. Reference bonus
    This reference bonus will be given to members by 20% which is given at the beginning and will be added again by 2% forever. Furthermore, the minimum member deposit is 300 thousand rupiah.

    Those are some of the bonuses and attractive promos that members can get at this best online gambling agent.

That’s all for a simple review that we can share with you about bonuses and promos about Situs Poker Online Terbaik from the site. Hopefully many benefits can be obtained. Happy playing and always success. Good luck and good luck!